Our Company

With a deeply rooted sense of community, we are invested in the local market and our clients. Our relationship based business is innovative and always utilizing the most up to date technology and marketing strategies to stay ahead of the competition and on top of our client’s needs. We are a company founded on the idea that real estate sales and marketing must remain innovative to keep your home in front of the competition. We constantly find better ways to sell homes with new technology, while not forgetting that personal relationships matter most. Real estate is more than just a job, it’s about servicing others and building professional relationships that last a lifetime.

With a concierge style business model, there’s a Partner Agent for every client. Whether you are a senior transitioning in the area or an investor looking for the perfect opportunity, Coastal Luxury Partners has the most knowledge and a deep bench of professionals to get you the best results. We have learned over the last two decades that to be leaders in the market, we have to stay on the cutting edge of marketing strategies to best serve your needs. Every agent can place your home on the MLS – this is why we are different. From first time home buyers to luxury home sellers, you have a forward thinking real estate group that is always here for you. We are your partner in real estate!

The best relationships come from a place of contribution. From social events to community outreach, you can expect us to be the first to throw together a client appreciation day or raise a hand to help. Our team is grateful every day for the opportunity we have earned to help friends and neighbors make some of the biggest decisions in life. Thank you for trusting us!


I love real estate. My father was in real estate. I was on development sites and had keys to our family real estate office before I had keys to my first car. 

Real estate is not the dirt under our homes. Real estate is what we call home. It’s where we create our story, and raise our families. There is very little that can create more meaning in our lives than the place we call home. Our dirt. Our space. Our house. It’s our life story, and that is real estate. It is meaningful, and I am honored every day to help new families create their story. 

Our partner agents are not in the industry for the “sale.” You are not another transaction, another number, another commission. That is not how we do business! Coastal Luxury Partners is a different kind of real estate company. We have a love for real estate, and a love for the people who will live in each home we help to buy and sell.

I believe in fate – when things that are meant to happen magically fall into place. I believe you have found our company for a reason. We invite you to be a part of our family. We want you to be our client. Let us serve you. 

We want to be a part of your story!